Monday, December 30, 2013


I cannot forget the past
with love and heartache
happiness and excitement.

Life moved on
and before I become undone
I have to escape
from the past – at last

Look at me today
save me from what I dream about.

Look at me today
judge me.. have I recovered?
Save me forever
burying the past to live forward

To Jane 12.30.2013

Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Port


in my bed

in warm December, 


draw a blanket

of friends around me.

Let them touch what is to be found in me,

discovering me today.

I want to remember,

and I love

because you are alive in my mind,

friendships in the Port

of life,

and when I must leave,

you will not be left behind.

Saturday, December 28, 2013


I see you in the distance


I stare at something beautiful


in nature's backyard.

from "Maine Reflections" 1972

Sister Lost

A daydream,

faster than mornings first light beam.


lost my sister at birth's hand,


long awaited, lonely

monastic love.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Untitled VI

I've waited too long

with only a dime

I came across a phone booth

I opened the door

and started to pray

for I happened to think

I had no one to call.

From “In The Mist of A Dream”, published in 1970

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Twenty years

of dust transcended by

winds traversing through poignant canyons

as tidbits have been telegraphed to a wayward star.

Forgotten is your flowing hair

like the distant sunset to the West.

Faint laughter, arguments

cloaked in naive


Years asleep, I revisited our familiar meeting place.

Bright light was slowly overcome by


I heard again,

the echoes from the belltower.

written sometime in 1977

Monday, December 16, 2013


Shooting stars burning across the sky

writing a trail of love letters

against the black, but twinkling night.

Night animals sing praises

to your lovely words.

An owl hoots applause

to the depth of your thoughts.

The moon caresses the suns' reflections.

You renew the words

and say hello again


the night air breathes a warm

passionate embrace

with the feelings you have conveyed.


renew our strong bond

as the beauty of nature surrounds us.

Another star writes wonderful words of love,

as we blow kisses to the warm wind.

Smell the freshness of life.

Early darkness wakings

during a spring day sleep.

Untitled V

I look,
I see you.

painted on the
walls of my mind

From “In The Mist of A Dream”, published in 1970

Friday, December 13, 2013

Untitled IV

A drop of rain
rolling over my fingers
refreshing, yet so beautiful.

a bead so unabated
as I think of you
walking through the pathways of my heart.

a clarion of sound
from a towering building
overlooking a gigantic cataclysm
of emotion
enthroned by your walked pathways.

From “In the Mist of A Dream” published in 1970

Friday, December 6, 2013

Seaside Review

You strolled with me on the beach
hearing the waves crashing on shore  
contemplated what could be.

We saw the seagulls diving for lunch
as we discussed life over brunch.
And after all, it was only us
contemplated what could be.

We strolled along a captain’s walk
having an in-depth talk
about what could be.
Just you and me
what could be.
Can you See?



See the leaves fall from the darkening trees
a sign change is coming.
Grey skies
wispy clouds
and a soft message from the deep inside
coming from the invisible postman.
Listen carefully
and catch the leaves as they fall.

Help the fledgling bird through a tough day;
it’s mother abandon
and a home lost to the wind.
Look carefully
and catch the leaves as they blow
Into the frightening night.


Thursday, December 5, 2013


Do you feel mortal?
Don’t let your mind betray you…
Touch inspirations higher,
a clear sky thought
that brings you reality.

Time will catch up with you
with your fears,
dreams, and nightmares.
Close your eyes and see the eclipse
of life.

Clear the sky, move the clouds,
breathe the air around you
and fight…
the fears, tears,
grow as time guides you
Intrinsically to the edge of life’s universe.


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sunrise Dusk

A rising sun over clouded thoughts,
warming the thoughts for the day. 
A final journey, alone and bewildered
bathed in a great rainbow bouncing off sand and rock.

My fears now have subsided
you are home with me once again.
Your own journey has been hand held;
dusk settles over the land you walked
 shadows faded
your tears dried from the heat of day and turn to moisture
of the night.

A rising sun over a bright blue sky again.
Echoes and light spears engulf the land you trek
And full your mind with wonderful thoughts.
You are me,
and I am with you forever, not alone
and we walk together in our final journey
holding hands, smiling at the sunbeams.

I Saw My Beacon

I’m a prisoner in my own hourglass.

Feeling each grain of sand pass by endlessly

turning upside down

and downside up.

Time drained energy

helplessly the villain;

A cartoon defying time…


time challenging each grain of sand.

A passionate whisper,

a dance at dusk;

A kiss before the world and

you unlocked the key to my heart.

Did you hear me?

I love you.

2.15.2012 - to Nancy 

Friday, November 29, 2013

Angels Visit

I was visited by an angel,

and kissed me on my forehead

her kiss stopped a freefall into a deep sleep.

She held my hand

and brought me back to life.

She saw great inspiration in my life

and wiped away all of my tears,


and my sleep.

An angel kissed me on my forehead
and the sun shone bright

and opened a pathway to my life.

Thanks dear angel

may you visit again later in life. 


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Untitled III

I see you in the distance


I stare at something beautiful


in nature's backyard.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Untitled Thoughts


written on ancient parchment;

lay frozen

in my inner thoughts.

I let your letter


among the icebergs

in a water


Every word you say today


an echo of tomorrow.


Sunday, March 17, 2013


Can you hear my
delicate thoughts
swirling like a hurricane of high school
feelings – butterflies everywhere.

Each day I don’t talk to you
seems like eternal emptiness.

Emotions stretched like a rubber band;
my heart fluttering as fast
as hummingbird wings,
but as fragile as crystal.

My life is caught in a jet stream of emotions
yet it is good to share.
You have taken over my heart
my gift from each day is knowing you are there.

I cried in my pillow to bury my feelings
because you have captivated every part of

staged on a whisper and choreographed
over time that
progressed to the grand stage.
Orchestral visions.
As you danced across the brightest of full-moons

I’ve tried to concentrate
only could smell your faint perfume.

I tried to concentrate
only could feel your soft skin
close to mine.

How long have you hidden your love?
And how long have you deprived your
life of passion.
Whatever life span we have
I want to share my love with you and do not want it to slip away.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Child’s Thought


lightning bolts from Thor,

blinding, scorching power.


little feet and welled up eyes,

a mixed and broken sentence;

touching power.


a light rain shower.

laughing rainbows,

budding flowers.


sunshine, a sideways sneaker,

a powerful call....

Daddy, I love you.

Thursday, February 28, 2013


Yelling into a valley,
no echo.
Droplets into a clear blue pool,
Caught on film,
no image.
Late night thoughts –
what do you really feel?
Tell me.

written sometime in 2005 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Shadow of You

I saw your ghostly image pass in the night.
What you are today is a real fright.
In your nighttime hours think hard about life
but don’t pass by me with your blight.

You were so strong and handsome to see
now you are just a shadow of what
you could be.

Remember that love gives strength,
that’s from us to you.
Never give up hope
because you will
always be a Shadow of you
drifting in the night.


Monday, February 18, 2013

After Ride

Confident castaway,
where have you sailed.

From island to island,
from reef and sandy trail.

Sun shining brightly before you on your rickety

Waves, rogue and small
slow your chartered confident trip.

Sundown, peaceful, bright orange,
clouds, horizons vast, daylight doused.

Sleep oh mariner, tomorrow brings
Dreams, roll on every wave
at anchor,  at sail
you see fishermen graves.

Morning mist haunts your heavy lidded

Confident castaway
looks hastily into the heavenly blue sky.
Your sail cuts swiftly though the steady

Castaway, confident castaway,
your safe harbor looms closer
to timid tender trees.


Saturday, February 9, 2013


I saw your reflection in my 

a glare, possessed by

nocturnal visions

from nonchalant memoirs,


smoke escaping

from a fireplace of thought.


You've grown from small seedlings
through Spring to Spring.

Strong, healthy, vibrant and

A smile so charming, it can melt arctic glaciers.


thoughts and imagination fleet
like leaves following the grass lines.

Your life warms my heart,
your love has captivated my every breath,


are part of me, as I am of you.

Butterflies stumble from branch to branch

and life, as a hard oak

gain, strength, and focus.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


You were,

the last dream

that filled my bed.

My life

filling with gaiety,

and anxiety,

with richness,

handled with creatively,

wide eyed of Natures

vast array of spender,

our downpour has ended in a rainbow

of love.