Friday, February 28, 2014

Somewhere I Belong

lonely, confused, and sad,
it feels as if i was just a shadow of the day,
in light i exist and in darkness, i am gone!

what am i searching for?
when i have nothing else to search for!
surrounded by all sides, i try my best to survive,
but i have only 2 hands!

i run, i run as fast i could,
till i have no breath and no roads left,
but i end up where i started from;

drowning in my bloodshed tears,
searching for a place where i belong,
i stand alone, wandering and wondering
What am I supposed to do?

by Praveen from 

Open Heart

Hear my heart throb
in the stark of night
out of sight
and beating heavily 
as the stars twinkle 

Sun catches the first glimpse of treetops
pillows soft and cool
as I wake up in new light
in a warm pool
of life.

Gone are the fears of fallibility
even as I am feeble
in my thoughts,
my heart throbs lightly
and hold on to those things
not bought

Saturday, February 1, 2014


Twenty years

of quiet travel transcended by

blowing winds traversing through poignant canyons

as short tidbits have been telegraphed to a wayward star.

Forgotten is your flowing hair

like the distant sunset in the West.

Echoes of laughter, arguments

cloaked in naive


Years asleep, I revisited our familiar meeting place


as assent prevailed, bright light was slowly overcome by


I heard again,

the Echoes from the Belltower.


A light footed morning step

casting a cautious shadow

before the earth rise.

Streaming fingers of light,

brighten a breakfast feast.

Seen from above the cast

is a beard of thoughts,

stubble from yesterday's cleansing walk.