Saturday, January 28, 2012



reflections of the moon on the


You were scared,

from teenage fireside stories.

I pacified you mind.........

with tender

words of encouragement

and gentle actions

against the cool evening


and consoled your eyes

with kisses of love.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Crystal Stairways

My love is the evening breeze touching your skin,
the gentle sweet singing of leaves in the wind.
The whisper
that calls after you in the night
and kisses your ear in the early light.

I watched the empty road behind you
as you faded into the early traffic
I felt your eyes touched
in the tender afternoon
when you graced the door in the early night moon.



in my bed

on a warm December,

 I can draw the warm blanket 

of friends around me

discovering me today.

I want to remember,

and I love

because you are alive in my mind,

friendships in the Port of life.

And when I must leave


will not be left behind.


We strolled the beach

touching our unsaid thoughts.

Our lives

rolling into the sea


returning with the next wave.

Each other,

telling stories with our eyes,

joyous tears

and a whisper of love,

together once again


for a moment in time.

Biking in the Wilderness

We met again biking in the wilderness,
your beautiful ageless eyes still causes me much distress.
You were open and cheerful, yet guarded and coy
this long lost love still brings me so much haunting joy.

Up and down country lanes we rode,
through meadows, a back yard and by an antique house.
You stopped to look at me, your smile explodes
this long lost love, excites my temporal lobes.

We walked our bikes through a low lying meadow
listening to our hearts talking to each other,
wildly remembering, craving,
sadly hearing that endless echo;
a haunted phrase that still bewilders today-
something is missing.
I woke up as we were kissing
and left abruptly
with my bike.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

2 O'Clock Stroll

Catch the mist from a crashing wave
feeling droplets rolling down your hand.
Can you smell the salt air in the nearby sea cave?
as you slowly sift through the sand.

Are you touched by the sunlit sky
as clouds float softly by.
Can you see the ocean boiling
as you feel heartache cry,
slowly walking the beach toiling
catching the mist in your open hand. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


White lilies
surround the edge of a clear lake.
Soft breezes
creates your image.

An anorexic oak
shadowing the shore;
Birds singing their spring vespers.

A lonely bagpipe
emerging form the brush,
a haunting tune -
lake turns to glass;
cracks from slow swimming fish

Outline emerges from the mist
weather changes.
thoughts pervasive,
where is Amontillado?