Saturday, June 30, 2012


I count the minutes until we speak

and cherish the time we share together.

I count the days until we meet
and daydream about our intimate moments.

A relationship building like a
vast storm front with the intensity of a
yet so slow to develop.

I’ve cried in fear, in joy because of the churn.
What have you felt?

We are separated by space,

We are together in spirit, desire, and time.
has the clock stopped or started?


Silent, but listening, attentive but distant, clearly thoughtful, vaguely visible.
Shy by nature, outgoing by force
Yet hard to see, strong and forceful;
Gentle as a light rain, I am always present, but have no distain … clearly cheerful

Fast moving play is what I like
Basketball mostly, remember when you were a tike?
Even today, attention is strong, statistics fill the scoreboard,
They all make it real, real clear.
Remember the Hawks, loss after loss
I root tirelessly, game after game.
Change of field, a pass into the end zone, a six point toss
All those plays and stats, they are never the same.

Music is essential, hip-hop and rap, even the faint can hear;
Understanding the message, sometimes it’s unclear.
But the beat runs through me and makes everything clear.
Can you hear the wind…? A rush of time
I see the wind, because all the messages rhyme.

Silent, but listening, there is a part that is tender and caring
Like a footprint in the sand
When the sea comes in, a footprint in the sand, and becomes challenging and daring
I, ME…. stand tall like an oak, as my own man.  

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Star Struck Date 03091000


Sweet dreams love,
my affection will keep you
warm tonight.

Don’t fall asleep right away,
feel my love touch your lips.
Every inch of me trembles
with emotion and joy.

The scent of your skin,

arousing ripples, fear and

a sense of exploration.

Your words, tender,
your voice, soft and inviting.

Sweet dreams love.
We will keep each other warm tonight.
Sweet dreams my love,
we will hold each other tight.

Listen to what our hearts say,
those wanting desires that time passed away.
Hear the angels echo our words
and carry them into the new day.

We should sit around a table and
learn, discuss and encounter our fears, loves, hopes and failures.


candlelight dinners and soft music surroundings.
So who are we now?