Thursday, December 15, 2011


A mountain climber

soaring upward towards

the snow capped clouds.

Breaths short, clear

weaving in and out through

pines and birch

etching his way tediously,


perfectly painting his way.

Flickers of sunlight,

birds flying freely

gliding beyond his reach

avoiding all man's habits.

Night befall and climber

sleeps beneath a living tree.


cry matefully into the night, and

dew drops sprinkling his

sandy balding hair.

Again besieged by the top,

so clear

in the new day.

Finally climber ascends to the top

and without falter

finds his dream and fresh

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Love Litter

I left your sandals in the snow,

hoping winter and time would let things go.

Your eyes send messages...

icons of hope.

You words are discernable, but not very clear.

Love litter, scorching the edges of despair.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


I touched a seedling uncovered by time,
watched it grow in my damp palms.
I saw the suns affection nestle
up to its little buds
watched it bloom before my eyes.
It stood tall among its many relatives,
caressing its nurtured petals
laughing at its reflection on
a shimmering pond.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Early Morning Thoughts

I don’t want to wake up alone without you.
You are my only home.
What more can I tell you,
you are my heart and soul,
without you would take a monumental toll.

I don’t want to wake up without you.
You are my forever lasting love.
When I see you smile,
the clouds get bright white
make beautiful shapes like the Caribbean isles.

You are the only one
that begins my day since we first met.
You bring fire to my soul
burning love to my heart.

I don’t want to wake up alone without you,
as we take refuge together in our home

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

On Becoming Famous

Peddling endlessly on a treadmill…

…. you called it.

We search for style, glory and honor,

gain style, miss honor

and acclaim glory.

Some inhibit style, saturate glory and harbor honor.

I've attained style, lack glory

and feel honor,

metaphored life, grace and

rhymed my way to


interpreted words wrongly

set on wet cement

from lack of style and meter

but have attained a level of


Monday, October 17, 2011

What You Are To Me

Vast inspiration, sometimes consternation.
Beautiful – words, indescribable.
A flawless diamond
glistening on a clear summer day.
Velvet warmth
in your soft but definitive voice,
a chorus of singing angels.
Strength and weakness, 
challenge that comforts and torments.
Love, intensity -
distance driven angst.
Bright sun drenching a valley stream
moving slowly, confidently.
The fragrant smell of fresh perfume accenting every part of you,
as fresh as sweet mountain air.
A snow storm in a small summer retreat town,
A child playing endlessly – profound.
A pleasant dream – daybreak chirping birds.
Delicate as a feather floating in the breeze.
Inspiration, da Vinci like yet real.
Happiness – solitude in thought, auditorium emotion.
What you are to me is
a field of wild flowers, swaying in the breeze
that makes my day.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Soft Stroke

Passion prompted by your sensuous subtle smile

peaking out of an ordinary window,

overlooking rocks filled with sea foam.

Careful touches become caressing hugs

that stimulates provocative thoughts.

Mixed oils on an artists pallet

become masterful works of fine art.

All in an ordinary day.

Look into a mirror

and see

the magic of your smile.

Run your fingers through my hair

and feel

the magic of your touch.

Romantic language accentuates

the softness of your smile.

Sounds float like rose pedals in an ordinary breeze,

in an ordinary day.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Island Stroll

I closed my eyes
and drifted away
to places were we can play
for ten thousand days.

We walked hand and hand
feet squeaking in the sand
wind blowing gently,
hair waving happily.

Sweet smell of wild beach flowers,
sun soaked beaches
lovers getting drenched
in warm trade wind showers.

Sun setting over aquamarine waters,
waves gently crashing,
passions and love continues to blossom, each hour
constantly rehashing
latent beginnings
opening new doors.

Eyes dotted with green sparkles
blue spheres
body, lightly tanned
walking closely together with another man
exchanging profound words
hand in hand.

New partners playing together
Not so oddly
as life begins changing
creating a new horizon
slowly, calmly
their focused thoughts
on a lonely beach
together forever
savoring the day’s sun.

Powderpuff Sky

You are afraid to reach for the stars;
you struggle inside.
I hope you get there.
Who will comfort you,
as you try to ride that streaming meteor.

Monday, January 24, 2011

My New Manuscript Cover


When I see you,
visions of ice dancers magically
floating through the air.

When I touch you,
sense the tempest
undaunting affection.

Our chapped lips become most rivers of anticipation
in our waking hours
we were distanced from our warmth.

You are a temptress.
a harnessed love;
embroiled emotions that
toss and turn through the night.

I try to catch myself, a distanced kiss,
the sound of your voice
or feel your strength.

Sleepwalking for hours
balancing reality with hope
and hope with time.
A star gazers delight,
cerebral meteor showers
avalanche - Love you!



Listen to the air,
and feel the touch of the gentle breeze.
a faint key to your heart
as you walk endlessly on a clouded pathway
lined with
Picasso’s statuettes.

Look deep into my eyes
and see the reflection of my heart.
Can you understand the pain, tenderness, and love
as you blink angel kisses
with your eyelashes; laughing…..

I feel your warmth in my dreams
your silk like touch haunted by your
endless nightly visits.

What do you want, you ask.....

Friday, January 14, 2011

I Want

I want to share everything with you.
I want you to look deep into my eyes so you can see my inner soul
and feel the warmth you bring to me,
the peace you provide within
and the passion I have for you.

I want you to feel my joy, sadness
and the beat of my craving heart.
I want you to see my dreams
and walk with me endlessly so you can see where you are
each and every day.

I want to hold you tight
to kiss your lips softly, tenderly and caress your body.
I want you to feel my passion, desires strength and weakness.
I want to see the moonrise with you
and tell you things you have never heard before.

I want our hearts to make love together
and see endless ecstasy and to experience the
rhythm of our desires.

What I want is you,
the light that brightens each day.
I want us to be together
to share each moment, thoughts endlessly.
I want us to see things – together