Monday, October 17, 2011

What You Are To Me

Vast inspiration, sometimes consternation.
Beautiful – words, indescribable.
A flawless diamond
glistening on a clear summer day.
Velvet warmth
in your soft but definitive voice,
a chorus of singing angels.
Strength and weakness, 
challenge that comforts and torments.
Love, intensity -
distance driven angst.
Bright sun drenching a valley stream
moving slowly, confidently.
The fragrant smell of fresh perfume accenting every part of you,
as fresh as sweet mountain air.
A snow storm in a small summer retreat town,
A child playing endlessly – profound.
A pleasant dream – daybreak chirping birds.
Delicate as a feather floating in the breeze.
Inspiration, da Vinci like yet real.
Happiness – solitude in thought, auditorium emotion.
What you are to me is
a field of wild flowers, swaying in the breeze
that makes my day.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Soft Stroke

Passion prompted by your sensuous subtle smile

peaking out of an ordinary window,

overlooking rocks filled with sea foam.

Careful touches become caressing hugs

that stimulates provocative thoughts.

Mixed oils on an artists pallet

become masterful works of fine art.

All in an ordinary day.

Look into a mirror

and see

the magic of your smile.

Run your fingers through my hair

and feel

the magic of your touch.

Romantic language accentuates

the softness of your smile.

Sounds float like rose pedals in an ordinary breeze,

in an ordinary day.