Sunday, March 17, 2013


Can you hear my
delicate thoughts
swirling like a hurricane of high school
feelings – butterflies everywhere.

Each day I don’t talk to you
seems like eternal emptiness.

Emotions stretched like a rubber band;
my heart fluttering as fast
as hummingbird wings,
but as fragile as crystal.

My life is caught in a jet stream of emotions
yet it is good to share.
You have taken over my heart
my gift from each day is knowing you are there.

I cried in my pillow to bury my feelings
because you have captivated every part of

staged on a whisper and choreographed
over time that
progressed to the grand stage.
Orchestral visions.
As you danced across the brightest of full-moons

I’ve tried to concentrate
only could smell your faint perfume.

I tried to concentrate
only could feel your soft skin
close to mine.

How long have you hidden your love?
And how long have you deprived your
life of passion.
Whatever life span we have
I want to share my love with you and do not want it to slip away.

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