Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Star Struck Date 03091000


Sweet dreams love,
my affection will keep you
warm tonight.

Don’t fall asleep right away,
feel my love touch your lips.
Every inch of me trembles
with emotion and joy.

The scent of your skin,

arousing ripples, fear and

a sense of exploration.

Your words, tender,
your voice, soft and inviting.

Sweet dreams love.
We will keep each other warm tonight.
Sweet dreams my love,
we will hold each other tight.

Listen to what our hearts say,
those wanting desires that time passed away.
Hear the angels echo our words
and carry them into the new day.

We should sit around a table and
learn, discuss and encounter our fears, loves, hopes and failures.


candlelight dinners and soft music surroundings.
So who are we now?

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