Saturday, June 30, 2012


Silent, but listening, attentive but distant, clearly thoughtful, vaguely visible.
Shy by nature, outgoing by force
Yet hard to see, strong and forceful;
Gentle as a light rain, I am always present, but have no distain … clearly cheerful

Fast moving play is what I like
Basketball mostly, remember when you were a tike?
Even today, attention is strong, statistics fill the scoreboard,
They all make it real, real clear.
Remember the Hawks, loss after loss
I root tirelessly, game after game.
Change of field, a pass into the end zone, a six point toss
All those plays and stats, they are never the same.

Music is essential, hip-hop and rap, even the faint can hear;
Understanding the message, sometimes it’s unclear.
But the beat runs through me and makes everything clear.
Can you hear the wind…? A rush of time
I see the wind, because all the messages rhyme.

Silent, but listening, there is a part that is tender and caring
Like a footprint in the sand
When the sea comes in, a footprint in the sand, and becomes challenging and daring
I, ME…. stand tall like an oak, as my own man.  

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