Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Island Stroll

I closed my eyes
and drifted away
to places were we can play
for ten thousand days.

We walked hand and hand
feet squeaking in the sand
wind blowing gently,
hair waving happily.

Sweet smell of wild beach flowers,
sun soaked beaches
lovers getting drenched
in warm trade wind showers.

Sun setting over aquamarine waters,
waves gently crashing,
passions and love continues to blossom, each hour
constantly rehashing
latent beginnings
opening new doors.

Eyes dotted with green sparkles
blue spheres
body, lightly tanned
walking closely together with another man
exchanging profound words
hand in hand.

New partners playing together
Not so oddly
as life begins changing
creating a new horizon
slowly, calmly
their focused thoughts
on a lonely beach
together forever
savoring the day’s sun.

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