Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lonely Valley

I thought of you from first light to my last waking second
your whispers ever so faint,
your warmth ever so distant
and no forgiveness in the wind.

I thought of you all day
walking aimlessly alone on a white sand beach.
A snowman
melting in the angry heat.

I wrote your name indelibly in the earth
so everyone would know how strong my love is for you.
Unnoticed, torn with your loss of confidence,
saw it wash away with the incoming emotional tide.

At the end of the day……lonely,
just thinking of you
about a love so exasperated…. mistake.
There had to be more,

Love dazed by the wonderful feelings we gave each other
only to evaporate with the light of laser like words.
I told you my dream and told you I’d never stop.
Should I? 
I thought of you today
as you faded into the white walls of day.
Beauty, that could bedazzle the Gods;
eyes so graceful and alluring
penetrating - tender,

I think, maybe, gone forever,
fatal words, a wayward call, tender and fragile relationships;
transparent in life;
vivid in thought.
Every word I said to you came from my soul
directly to your heart.
I think of you every day and wish I heard your voice.
I wish I could make up that last day.

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