Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I Want

I want to share everything with you.
I want you to look deep into my eyes so you can see my inner soul
and feel the warmth you bring to me,
the peace you provide within
and the passion I have for you.

I want you to feel my joy, sadness
and the beat of my craving heart.
I want you to see my dreams
and walk with me endlessly so you can see where you are
each and every day.

I want to hold you tight
to kiss your lips softly, tenderly and caress your body.
I want you to feel my passion, desires strength and weakness.
I want to see the moonrise with you
and tell you things you have never heard before.

I want our hearts to make love together
and see endless ecstasy and to experience the
rhythm of our desires.

What I want is you,
the light that brightens each day.
I want us to be together
to share each moment, thoughts endlessly.
I want us to see things – together

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