Monday, October 17, 2011

What You Are To Me

Vast inspiration, sometimes consternation.
Beautiful – words, indescribable.
A flawless diamond
glistening on a clear summer day.
Velvet warmth
in your soft but definitive voice,
a chorus of singing angels.
Strength and weakness, 
challenge that comforts and torments.
Love, intensity -
distance driven angst.
Bright sun drenching a valley stream
moving slowly, confidently.
The fragrant smell of fresh perfume accenting every part of you,
as fresh as sweet mountain air.
A snow storm in a small summer retreat town,
A child playing endlessly – profound.
A pleasant dream – daybreak chirping birds.
Delicate as a feather floating in the breeze.
Inspiration, da Vinci like yet real.
Happiness – solitude in thought, auditorium emotion.
What you are to me is
a field of wild flowers, swaying in the breeze
that makes my day.

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